energy and sustainability committee


Now that Albion has a energy and sustainability committee we need to keep this alive, regroup, move forward with positive thinking, not looking at what is not possible, but to approach it, work it, and do it, and find the resources to get it done. There are some that still do not communicate after a issue will leave it there for now.

Guidelines for moving forward in 2013 let’s try again in 2014

1. Pick your priorities.

2. Go for effciency.

3. Integrate your activities.

4. Actively look at all possibilities

5. Be an active learner.

6. Lighten up.

7. Start working together.

What if you had a passion, vision for improvement? Recognize the need for change; to improve conditions by overcoming obstacles keeping up with a changing world. Seeking out positive resources by leadership with changing times?

Rebuilding my network as was hacked into from a local resident  after a city counsel meeting in Albion, MI.
Content was about sustainability and rebuilding a small college for the 21st century with new ideas and try to be ahead as the state was rebuilding after the auto and lastly the bank collapse and then Detroit.

Sad to say they try to justify their bad actions.

Little History