Albions Energy and Sustainability Committee Upcomimg Meetings Open to The Public


We will have our calender here the meetings open to the public.

We were closed because of conflict of interest.

Also we will be open again for webinars will be upcoming

The new location for this will be:

Check back for updates.

 What are the major challenges in the community you face day to day?

  • What are the major assets and strengths you like in Albion?
  • What projects would you like to see in Albion for the short term and long term, and would you participate in something that you would like to see improved or changed, give your time if available for a positive change?
  • Above some examples of questions that could be asked by you the residents of Albion. But I am sure and know you will have your own ideas and questions of your own, so let them be heard at this time, as I also question what’s going on, that is why it’s important for the people of Albion have their voice heard now more than ever for the future.
  • Participate and share ideas for a new Albion for its success, building on what is here now and grow for the 21st century.
  • The price of not participating will keep things the same.
  • We don’t want that do we?.

The City of Chicago announced plans to spend as much as $225 million to make all city buildings more energy

efficient; Retrofit Chicago will target more than 1,000 city buildings, saving up to $20 million annually in energy

costs, and be an employment opportunity for 2000 construction workers.