Jan 252013

MISSION Provide leadership and practical solutions to ensure a prosperous community that will sustain healthy lives for our citizens and a healthy local environment.

PURPOSE To facilitate information and education of new green practices and products to and for our members and the public.

WHO ARE WE? A group of local citizens working to inspire individuals and organizations – both within and outside City government – to take actions and implement polices that help make Albion a model of health and ecologically sustainable living. A group of local residents working with City government, business groups, nonprofit organizations, and other partners to protect and enhance Albion’s distinctive environmental quality and livability.

SPECIAL INTERESTS To promote green building by increasing public and professional knowledge and awareness of the benefits of green construction practices. To provide recommendations and encouragement to the City of Albion in the implementation of a local action plan for climate protection and sustainability that is crafted to be forward thinking and targeted to the unique climate and circumstances of Greater Albion. Albion’s Green Team is studying best practices in our community, the country and around the world. Together we can make a difference by implementing big ideas and small changes in the way we interact with our environment.  With visionary leadership, persistence, and a strong message, this new way of life can become second nature to us all.

Most of all, there is a need to understand how important these things are to Albion.

To begin to determine the best strategies for moving forward with this cause, the “Green Team” wants to know what specific interests and concerns you might have. To accomplish this task,

 Identifying and addressing specific needs in Albion and provide answers to your thoughts and questions please access our web page at:

“Albion’s Green Team”   http://albionsgreenteam.ning.com

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