Feb 062013

Companies and programs large and small, start-up and established, are creating jobs

The jobs announcements over the three months feature a wide range of companies: major multinational corporations

like GE, Nissan, and General Motors, as well as small, entrepreneurial start-ups. Innovative companies are also

retooling their operations to take advantage of the growth in clean energy. Michigan-based Energetx, formerly a

luxury yacht manufacturer, used its expertise in lightweight materials to transition into wind turbine manufacturing.

The growth in clean energy is also creating promising new companies like energy storage investment company

Townsend Energy Solutions, solar company National Solar Power, wind turbine blade manufacturer Blade Dynamics,

and many others.

These job announcements show clean energy should be a bipartisan issue

These announcements for new, better-paying jobs span 101 congressional districts, Democratic and Republican

alike. A total of 54 clean energy projects were announced in Democratic districts and 70 in Republican districts.

13 projects spanned more than one congressional district, overlapping districts represented by Democratic and

Republican lawmakers.

Where is Albion in this mix ?


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